Coins for a change


Coins for Change!!


Hello Penguins!

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re excited about all the events that are coming to Club Penguin this holiday season.

Along with all the fun events like new parties, new events, new furniture, etc., I wanted to be the first to let you know about something brand new we’re doing this Christmas!
We’ve decided to call it “Coins for Change.”  This idea came from you by letting us know how much you want to make a difference in the world! We thought this Christmas would be the perfect time to do something about it.

A total of $1 million dollars will be donated to actual organizations and you get to decide where it goes! By donating your Club Penguin coins in game, you’ll be able to help kids around the world, help kids’ who are sick, and help the environment.

I’ll try to get you more details over the next few weeks, but remember to read the Club Penguin
Times on Thursday for more information.

Thanks for being a part of Club Penguin, and for helping change the world!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team


A request!


Hello ppl

this is a request to u all to visit plz plz and plz visit it i have joined that blog and we need u to make it better! plz we need yu!!

visit it! its really cool!!


Yellow puffle returns!!

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hello the yellow puffle is back again!! its in the puffle round up game and it only comes up only in the first level!

here is a photo!


and i dunno why there is a red spot when they blink!!


I dunno why they blink red but im just guessing that it’s paint remember they told that the yellow puffle is very creative and likes to paint 😆 but i cud be wrong!! tell me wat do u think

Here is wat jimbobson thinks-

he says that maybe it cud be that the red spot represents that the yellow puffle will be launched and available to us on Christmas as yu agree or disagree?

let me knw wat do u think?


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everybody visit

its new so it needs visitors, comments and ur support!

plz visit it today (after u visit my site ofcourse 😉 )

and also my new website

im not going to reveal its domain yet but here is a hint its a site bout my business i.e i make stuff for yu!

to get the link…..umm….try GOOGLE SEARCH! 😆

when its ready it will be out in the open!

i need ppl to work on it with me helping me to make stuff..

if interested let me know!! i need yu!! plz if yu wud like to help i wud be glad!!

see ya!


silly penguins!


lol these penguins are so silly..

omg they are so obsessed with famous penguins!!

here is a picture of the silly orange penguins!


sorry i couldn’t resist but take a picture 🙄

The Pink Penguin ~*Rockerz*~

Yay!! Western Party!

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yayyyyy! Western Party has won!! and there are loads of cool stufff!!

Here they are!


The bandana at the plaza

There are two hidden backgrounds

ones at the dock


and here is another at the forest


and the pin is really tricky! but no fear when im here 😉 its at the cove on the hay stack


and here is all we got i dunno if there is going to be more but i hope dere is




Go Go Western Go Go!!

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Yes!!!! The party is TOMORROW!!! cannot wait!! atlast something interesting is coming up on CP!!


Wat do yu prefer?

I prefer to pull on my cowboy boots 9if i get any boohoo 😦 )

Wat do yu prefer?

and also check out the poems page ill add all the poems that come in the cp newspaper sorry i cant add my own as im not a poet!! but if yur one yu can submit it here and yes im gonna publish it unlike club penguin! 🙄

So make sure yu check it out!

also i have updated the club penguin newspaper!

make sure yu see it all!!



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