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Hello everyone,

I am going to give away a free coin-code and it can be posted anytime so keep checking the site for it! You can unlock the latest Treasure Book with it! I post a letter day-by-day.

Coin code: B 6 _ _ _ _ _ 8 _

P.S: I’ll soon be doing a membership give away too, if it get a great response so let everyone know about this!


4 Languages, 1 Server?

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Ola, Hola, Bonjour and Hello!

Today while looking for the Club Penguin Penguin Band, Jimbobson and I stumbled upon a very interesting discovery! Numerous safe chats on club penguin like Hot Chocolate, Beanbag, etc are all one server but in 4 different languages – Portuguese, French, Spanish and English! Confusing? I know! Basically, they are safe chat so you could be on the English club penguin in the server, Hot chocolate, and if your buddy is in the french server, Chocolat Chaud (Hot Chocolate), you both will be online on each others buddy list. It would be a lot like being in the same server. The only difference would be that all your messages would be in English and his messages would be in French! It will be clearer in a minute. Here is a look at the server Hot Chocolate, which exists in every language.

Hot Chocolate (English)

Chocolat Chaud (French)

Chocolate Quente (Portuguese)

Chocolate Caliente (Spanish)

Notice that all this servers have the same name, Hot Chocolate, but are translated into different languages. That’s the point, Its all one server but is translated in four different languages. So if you are in the language setting of English then all your messages will be in English. But if someone is in the French servers then he or she will receive the same messages but in French! Here is a little demo:

Here’s me in Safe Chat in French:

And here is me in the same server in English

Notice in these pictures there are many similar penguins like Zaidobib, etc. That proves we are in the same server which gets translated into different languages. So is it the same for CP Mascots, are they in the same server but translated to 4 different languages? This makes it look like they are in four places at one time. Leave your thoughts in the  comments below (or just inform me where the dang club penguin band is)!