Upcoming Events & Igloo PEEK-A-BOO!


Yello Penguins!

Here are the upcoming updates and igloo sneak peek. The new furniture catalog comes out tomorrow!

Hello Penguins!

If you’ve been wanting to redecorate your igloo, there’s a new Better Igloos furniture catalog coming out on Friday! I wanted to give you a sneak peek, so I managed to get this image for you:

furniture sketch.jpgIf you miss the plants from the Adventure Party, you can always plant a few of these in your igloo. What do you think?

The Dojo igloo contest winners will be announced in tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper. Congratulations to everyone who entered! As always, we have more contests coming up.

And these are the upcoming events!




It looks cool! Don’t forget to check it out and also check out the new 101 activities widget on my sidebar!


CP Updates

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There have been many updates from CP!

Firstly there was an adventure party which was sooo awesome! The free items were a green safari hat for non members and a big blue parrot for members!

Also CP has bought out series 3 toys!

And don’t forget you can join my site in exchange of a coin code!

Join my site.


Hey Everyone!

Here is a chance for you to join my site! I will make u an editor or an admin on my site in exchange for a coin code.

Dont post the coin code just tell me if your interested.

But i should also be able to trust you. 



P.S My sites hit counter is broken

Not anymore! I fixed it 😀