A guide for new penguins


New to Club Penguin? Don’t know what to do? well, here i am with solutions to all ur problems. i know some people wouldn’t help you in there..i have tried it..so i am going to help yu!!!

here is all you have to know to have fun on club Penguin

If not Registered yet this is what you have to do

Obviously log in to http://www.miniclip.com or http://www.clubpenguin.com

register a penguin following these simple steps:


on the start page..click to register

Choose a penguin..choose a name..activate ur account and enjoy waddling around a wonderful land called club penguin!

Now it’s time to explore

The Map


The Town: in the town yu can visit the coffee shop, the Dance Club, and the Gift Shop

Coffee shop: the coffee shop is two storey building if yu go up the stairs yu will enter the book room where you can play mancala and earn coins to buy various things on CP (Club Penguin) yu can also play the beans counter..and get coins.

Dance Club: well here you can dance and chill out! and when yu go up the stairs there is the dance lounge where you can relax after lots of boogieing around! here are two games: Astrobarrier and Thin ice..play this games to earn coins!

Gift Shop: There are lots of clothing catalogs at the bottom left. there is also a hair styling catalog which has been launched just recently. it does have some really cool hairstyles

Please note: you cannot buy items from the catalog unless ur a member. the only items available for non-members are the colours and the backgrounds.

here are the catalogs


new clothing catalog is out every month. you can use the coins you earned to buy these stuff and lots of other stuffs too.

The plaza

The plaza is under construction at the moment (13th November, 2007) the constructions is going to be completed on the 16th of November, 2007 which is this Friday! as rumours will have it people say that is a space room because if yu put ur mouse it will make an alien sound! and also the UFO pin has something to do with it and also the new mission maybe..which has the polar bear in it! all we can do is wait for the construction to be completed then we will know what the mystery building is about.

The plaza contains

The pizza parlor: You can go to the pizza parlor to order nice yummy pizzas and also you can play Pizzatron3000 there and earn coins. its fun making pizzas! and yu can also make candy pizzas (its hidden so look for it on my cheats and glitches page). also sometimes the Cp band plays out dere and theyre amazing!

The Pet shop: at the pet shop yu can adopt puffles which are green, purple, blue, red, pink and black. the red and blue puffles are the only puffles non-members can adopt and the rest are only for members. also there is a puffle catalog for ur pets but its only accessible to members. yu can help the pet shop gathering puffles from the wild. for this play puffle round up and earn coins! also maybe they are going to launch a new yellow puffle on the 31st of november! can’t wait to find out!

Underground rooms

if yu walk on the man hole cover yu will be taken to underground rooms which has a lots of other rooms too

The Cave: the cave has its own swimming pool and to the left and the right there are various room

the boiler room: its to the left of pool and it also has loads of old newspapers of club penguin so if yu miss the newspaper yu can read it there! newspaper comes out every thursday.

The mine: in the mine yu can play cart surfer..cart surfer is an amazing game with lots of tricks yu have to find out urself!

Mine shack: if yu finish the whole game of cart surfer then yu will be taken to a room called the mine shack! u can also use the map to get there!


Forest is a great way to get back to nature..it has lots of trees and is very beautiful if yu walk down the stairs u’ll find the cove

Cove: cove has a amazing fire and is very warm. a great place to go camping! yu can surf in the cove and earn coins!

Dojo: dojo is a hidden room on the map and nobody knows what the dojo is for really. but i guess it is just for having fun!

Iceberg: it’s a hidden room too and doesn’t contain much stuff but yu can see the club penguin from there!

Snow Forts

The snowforts is famous for it’s snow ball wars! to throw a snowball yu can click the snowball icon


its near the chatbar and aim on a penguin to hit them! 👿

Ice Rink:

Get ur hockey sticks out and lets play some hockey! there is a puck in the middle of the rink move towards it to make a goal! the ice rink is very slippery so be careful!


its the club penguin dock. there is a boat docked there. yu can play ballistic biscuit in that! coins can be earned! sometimes rockhoppers ship is docked there! (i will mention about rockhopper later!)



The lighthouse is the tallest building in the club penguin. it was first an empty building but the penguins helped decorating and club penguin bands play up there and yu can also make ur own band and play with ur band members! as yu go up the stairs yu will see lots of photos of rockhopper and other and then when yu reach the beacon there is a huge bulb there! there is a telescope there so that yu can check out for rockhopper’s ship the migrator when ever we want. we can also fly jet pack over the edge. its very nice game to earn coins!

Ski Village

Ski lodge

It’s a very warm place and a great place to relax! there is also an amazing game of fnd four out there! it really requires some skills to win that game and there is one more game called ice fishing! ice fishing has now been improved as we can earn double the amount of coins we used to earn earlier. if yu want to catch the big fish in ice fishing yu shud check out the cheats page to see how to do it! and if yu go up the ladder there are more find four counters so that we all have enuff space to play!

Sports shop

one or two months back the sports shop was upgraded and they also included a new sports catalog to it which comes out every month. only members can buy clothing items etc. but we can buy the backgrounds.

Famous Penguins


Rockhopper is a pirate and visits club penguin every month. he gets us free items..when yu find him talk to him..he is a friendly penguin and is mates with us all. but he can’t add u to his buddy list as he doesn’t have one! he is the best pirate ever!

Aunt Artic

Aunt Artic never really socializes not because she doesn’t want to its because she is very busy writing for the club penguin newspaper so she cannot socialize much! yu can see her articles on the cp newspaper!

Billybob and other moderators

these are the mods who work for cp and keep cp safe..the mods will have a batch on their player cards so u can identify them!

How to become a tour guide?

Go to the ski village

go to the tour guide stall

and take the test

get the hat

put it on

go to the chat bubble and go to activities and then to give a tour

if yu want a tour go to a penguin with the tour guide hat and ask them for a tour!

How to become a Moderator?

Yes! yu heard right! yu can be a mod too. yu can help them report the penguins who are breaking the rules of club penguin!

to be a mod

click on the mod sign thats on the top left of ur screen untitled3.jpg

take the test and when yu get the spy phone

yu can visit the HQ and solve missions!

To waddle click ur mouse to wear u want to go and yu will move!

Well now the last thing i will tell u will be about the buddy list

yu cannot add more than 100 buddies

and here is wat u can do!

Added Buddy 


Adding a buddy 



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  1. MnMzee495
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 00:10:58

    Wow, you’re one of the few who help out the new penguins! I knew somewhere I wasn’t alone…thnx Punk Rockerz

    Punk Rockerz: Thanks!! it took really long to make this page..happy someone appreciates it!!


  2. destany64468
    Nov 27, 2007 @ 16:57:20

    F U

    Punk Rockerz: 😕


  3. destany64468
    Nov 27, 2007 @ 16:57:52



  4. slimball2007
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 01:59:54

    You got two of the same pages

    Punk Rockerz: which 2 pages?


  5. flinos
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 13:44:40

    im happy someone is helping!

    Punk Rockerz: Hehe, im glad to help!


  6. ArCeUs121(ChEwY pUp SuCkS)
    Mar 05, 2008 @ 21:59:45

    kool thats alot of help for new penguins u rock

    ~www.youtube.com/arceus121 http://www.youtube.com/arceus121 http://www.youtube.com/arceus121~


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