Snow And Sports Update

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Hello Penguins!

If you’re looking for some new sporty gear, on Friday you’ll find a brand new Snow and Sports Catalog at the Sport Shop. I hear that there will be a good mix of things for all kinds of awesome island adventures!!




We hope you’re having fun with Captain Rockhopper and his green thumb (and the green Migrator)! Let us know if you’re lucky enough to meet him – he’s got a new background to give away!


Updates- Card Jitsu, Plays and Rockhopper


Card Jitsu Updates

Hello Penguins!

You’ve told us you love Card-Jitsu and the ninja journey. You’ve told us it would be even better if you could see your belt progress. You’ve told us it would be really cool to be able to see your online card collection. (Did we mention we think you’re awesome for telling us what you think?)

So…the team’s been working hard with the feedback you gave and soon, when you’re in the ninja areas (Dojo, Ninja Hideout, Courtyard), you’ll see a new card deck icon. When you click it, a Card-Jitsu board will pop up with your ninja information. Just like you requested, you’ll be able to see how close you are to your next belt color and you’ll also be able to see your online card collection!! 

Happy77 talks writing plays

Greetings Penguins!
Everyone seems to be excited about having a new play at the Stage and we thought an interview with someone who did some of the writing for it would be in order. So without further fuss, here’s the scoop on [insert ghosty sounds here]: The Haunting of the Viking Opera! (Don’t be scared. They’re not super scary ghost noises…)
Tell us what it’s like to write a Club Penguin play from the first idea until you see it on Stage.
It’s epic! It starts with an idea like: “Hey! How about a play about Vikings?” and starts snowballing. One minute you have a script, then suddenly you have costumes, a set, music, the works! It’s cool when an idea comes to life. 

What’s the coolest part of this Haunting of the Viking Opera play?
Well it’s sort of like “Vikings versus Ghosts”, which is a tough one to call. Ghosts are spooky, but Vikings have those pointy-helmets. Both are exciting, doing ghost-y and Viking-y things. Oh man, could you imagine a Viking Ghost? I think I just scared myself!

Do you think Vikings ate candy?
Most definitely. I’m pretty sure that’s what the Vikings in the Operas were singing about in the first place: how much they love candy. 😉


Rockhoppers Coming!

Hello Penguins!
Have you been to the Lighthouse lately? Should you feel like waddling there and going up to the Beacon, check out the telescope!! You may see a ship belonging to our very own Captain Rockhopper.

I’m not going to say too much, but I can tell you that from what I hear, he’ll be bringing something extra special to the island this trip…
Have you ever had the chance to meet Rockhopper in Club Penguin? Let us know what you’d like to see him bring!

I got all this from the club penguin blog! They describe it the best 😛

Let me know what you think about all these updates!!

Also when rockhopper arrives don’t forget to check my sidebar for the ROCKHOPPER TRACKER! It will help you track rockhopper and you wont have to look!

Also look at the newspaper and the new catalogs.

Medieval Party and Other Updates!

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Hello Penguins!

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while because I got lazy yet AGAIN! But now I am back and some very exciting things are happening on club penguin!

The first thing is the Medieval Party. Yes its finally here and its awesome! Its like last years but there are some special things such as the Member Quest!

You have to finish the quest step by step and you have to overcome many challenges! At the end of the quest is the maze room and then you have finished your quest!

You get the shining knight armor as a free item (for members only)

Follow this instruction and you will be able to do it!


Follow the arrows







If you don’t have the same pattern then you will get a hint every time your lost. This hint will show when you are lost the third time so this will the third hint!

The free items at the party are:

For members:

Golden Knight Helmet

Golden Armor

Golden Knight Outfit

For non members:

Wizard Hat

My favourite room is the Ski Lodge! I love it, its like a palace! Let me know your favourite room in the party! (:

Also many people have seen penguins with Rockhoppers and Bambadees pictures as a background!

Rockhopper is giving out these backgrounds to people he sees at disney world and Bambadee is there with him as well. He gives them a special code and they can unlock the background.


And people are saying that Rockhopper might bring back this background when he comes to visit next! I have seen a penguin with this background at Frozen, although i didnt take a picture!

Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Spotted


Rockhopper and another Club Penguin character Bambadee have been spotted in Disney World! They were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Heres a picture:

May 2009 Penguin Style Catalog

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Club Penguin has released the new May 2009 Penguin Style catalog!

Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times to get the blue viking helmet.