Rare Member In Exchange of a Coin Code


Hello Penguins,

Here is a special offer!

Im gonna give you a rare member account in exchange of a coin code! (any series) If you have series 1 then i would like series 1 please!

This is not a scam and I really have the penguin! Its on safe chat but its still REALLY cool and it has 3 member straps on its badge and its over 800 days old! Since its on safe chat people cannot ban it!

If you want it then please tell me a code and it will be yours!

Don’t post the code just tell me if u agree and ill tell you how to send me the code. (this is for the best as someone else might steal the code.)

You know im not scamming cuz i wudnt scam on my own site!

Also I have a lot of rare penguins OF MY OWN so if you want any just tell me i will send u details but ofcourse you need to trade a coin code with me 🙂

Im only doing this cuz i cant buy a coin code for myself as its not shipped to my country so it wud be great if i could trade a penguin for it!

Thanks a lot!


Hidden items! – Music jam 09!

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Heya Penguins!

It’s the music jam 09! And there are tons of hidden items in the new catalogs! {Backstage catalog and and new furniture catalog}

firstly, here are the hidden items in the Backstage catalof [Member only]

Click the i In the word Music to get the Snare Drim and Drum Sticks

Click the i In the word Music to get the Snare Drim and Drum Sticks


Click On the Letter O to get the Black Electric Guitar!

Click On the Letter O to get the Black Electric Guitar!


And now for the Hidden items in the Current Furniture catalog!

{The following images are from bluebirdboy1.worpress.com and were not made by me. In case you didn’t know, bluebirdboy1.worpress.com is my other blog!}

To get the hidden Band Stage, you click the Gramaphone on Page 1.

Hidden Bandstage

To get the hidden Wall Speakers, click the records on the middle of the DJ Table on Page 2.

Hidden Wall Speakers

To get the hidden Guitar Stand, click the Stone Column Ruin on Page 4.

Hidden Guitar Stand

To get the hidden LCD Television, click the flame on the Bamboo Torch on Page 5.

Hidden LCD Television

To get the Hidden Penguin Knight Sculpture, click the Medieval Banner on Page 8.

Hidden Penguin Knight Sculpture

To get the Hidden Picket Fence, click the corn on the right on Pane 10.

Hidden Picket Fence

Hope this stuff helped!

Waddle on!


P.S Punk, I forgot Blush’s Pass AGAIN. PC Me on chat ASAP and tell me please! I really need to use Blush for something

Meeting The Penguin Band!


Hey Everyone!

Today while I was on Iceland I met the penguin band in the backstage!

They are really nice and I asked em to sign my wand! lol

And Petey K even said my name!

Punkrockerz: Nice glasses Petey K

Petey K: Thanks punk

And i even talked to Franky 😀

Punkrockerz: Sign my wand

Franky: Sure dude

Punkrockerz: Im no dude 😦

Franky: ok DUDET haha

Yesss over all it was pretty coool! And i even have some pictures even though I didn’t have time to take a lot..

petey k

This is where Petey K said my name 😀 woooo eeeh


And this is a picture where he signed my wand! It was greaaat! I got this picture from krs’s website! Thanks krs!

Over all it was pretty awesome and yes when you meet PB they also give out a free background so make sure to get it! You can get it by clicking on em and click on the box. Basically the same way you get the background from RH!



Music Jam’09 And Others Updates!

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Hey everyone!

As you all know the music jam is here!! And its rocking!!

Here are the free items

Non Member Free Items


And the new pin is in the Boiler Room and its the umbrella pin as everyone voted for it in the last reviewed by you post!

Member Free Items


With the all access pass you can access the backstage and night club roof top! These are the member rooms.

Backstage (In Dock)


Night Club Roof Top (In Dance Lounge)

night club

And CP is having another Reviewed By You thing and  this times its voting for a new colour!!

next colour



And These Are The Upcoming Events!


And also make sure you look out for the penguin band!! You can meet em in the backstage!

Igloo catalog hidden item(s) and Cp Updates

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Hey again penguins, Supertron26 here!

The igloo catalog is cool, but theres’s only one new hidden item. Its awesome though!… THE LCD Telivision!

Just click on the flames on the bamboo torch!

Hidden LCD Telivision ©Supertron26

Also, theres a new clothing catalog!

The viking helmet is hidden in the piano on page 8…

Hidden viking helmet. Click on the piano. ©Supertron26

Open the red viking helmet, close it, open it again, close it again, then-re open it to get the blue viking helmet! Gadzooks! Thats amazing! lol.

As far as i can see thats the only new hidden item in the catalog [Punk or Zilla, correct me if i’m wrong]

The DJ3K Updates are cool.  The new tracks are: Funky, Jungle, and festival. What’s your favourite?

Also, Members can get their yellow puffles involved! Check this out! It gets you extra game points! And that means extra coins!

The puffle joins you in the Game! ©Supertron26

Cool dancing puffle! ©Supertron26

Whoa, look at that puffle go! ©Supertron26

Awesome! try it out!

Music jam coming soon! Lcant wait! Comment with what you think!

Until next time… Have fun, and waddle on,