Next mission


All penguins prepare for the next mission on club penguin..

it was written on the glass window im prepared!


~*Punk Rockerz*~


Yellow Puffle (true!)


I saw a yellow puffle in the forest! 8) and im not lying!!!!

its true! yu can see for urself too..

i wasn’t too fast in capturing an image!

but i’ll add one later


Also they say that the yellow puffle comes up near the bunnyhill every 15 minutes..i have seen it too (i’ll add a picture soon)

okay i have seen the yellow puffle and this time i took a picture! its comes out every 30 minutes here is a pictures! and it’s not an edit i swear!!! (i didn’t edit it my editing skills are crapola!)


and im a yellow puffle too 😆


__    ,.
,-,(c ‘;’)_))
‘//(__=3((—|>  ~*Punk Rockerz*~
‘    L L   ))

Halloween Party! (everyone’s loving it)


The Halloween party for 2007 has been more of a treat than a trick! to start with there was candy hunting and riddles which would help us find the candys. the riddles sure were tricky! everything has been amazing! its seems like party of the year and it would end on the 1st of november. we still have lots of time to enjoy it while its here. The Big candy bowl in the coffee shop, the pumpkin dance floors, the northern lights at the iceberg, the spooky house in the mine shack, the cove, the pumpkin patch in the dock and all the way to the lighthouse which is showing a movie! namely “Night of the living sled” its a great movie and fun to watch and yes we should be afraid of it giving us nightmares! everything has been wonderful but as much as we wish that it would never end but it has to so we must wait for Halloween party 2008 which is going to get better!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Just so that you wouldn’t miss out anything these were the free items given for Halloween (and there isn’t going to be more..i asked Club penguin!)

pumpkin.jpg  a pumpkin basket which will help yu collect treats when yu go tricking and treating!

scarf.jpg  a scarf to keep yu warm since club penguin has turned into night time

thats it for now!

Waddle on until the next time!

New Admin!


Hello penguins!!!! I’m a friend of punkrockerz on the computer and im a admin here!
Also i fixed meebo for punkrockerz so now you people can talk to her now!!! 😀
Visit my site at

My old site got deleted 😦

»-(¯`v´¯)-»hðÞþ¥ ß¿r¯|¯hÐãÿ Çþ»-(¯`v´¯)-»


Happy birthday Club Penguin!


Free item

A party hat (yellow and orange)


New book launch


Dedication :mrgreen:


About the book

its a book about club penguin and its journey through years. a book which must be read and yu can catch up with all yu have missed in these two years.

here are some previews





Many many happy returns of the day to Club penguin!

if you people are wondering why did cp extend the party here is why..i wrote them a mail bout this

Dear Penguin, 

Thank you for taking the time to contact Club Penguin with your question. 

The Anniversary Party was extended a day to allow all penguins the chance to pick up the free item while enjoying all the birthday fun. This will not always happen however so be sure to enjoy the party festivities while they last.  

If you have any further comments or concerns be sure to waddle by and drop us a line. Our moderators are always here to help and do enjoy answering all your e-mails. 

Waddle on,
club penguin

Something Strange on CP


there has been some strange shadows in the mountain, the lighthouse and the lodge.

many say that it is a ninja shadow while the others say that it might be the ghost for the halloween party.

here are some pictures

And this are not edits!

the lighthouse

untitled21.png 21.jpg

The Mountain

untitled.png hlk.png

The Ski Lodge

cdvf.png 1.jpg

this is what they wrote in reply to jimbobson’s email


Thanks for the email. It is true that many penguins have recently noticed shadows that look like penguins. It is very mysterious, and there have been some strange things happening in this time just before Halloween. I don’t think it has anything to do with ninjas or ghosts, but there is always the possibility of something else being behind it. Perhaps more clues will show up at the Halloween Party, we will just have to wait and see what happens!

Just as a reminder, don’t miss the second annual Club Penguin Anniversary Party on October 24th. There will be a great free item, as well as a cool addition to the Book Room (as advertised in the newspaper). Check it out!

If you have any other questions about Club Penguin, please feel free to email us back. We will be more than happy to assist.

Have a great day,

Club Penguin Support 

A halloween sneak peek

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This is what CP team said:

Hello Penguins!

As you know we are quickly approaching two of the biggest parties of the year! The Club Penguin Anniversary Party takes place on October 24th which is the day it first launched. That party will only be for one day, so you won’t want to miss it. Just a few days later, the Halloween Party starts and it is going to be sweet! Just check out the cool picture I got!

In order to help you get ready, we’ll be launching the special Halloween Igloo Furniture Catalog with all of your favorite decorations from last year and a few new ones! We’ll also be launching a special Halloween Igloo that many of you have been asking for!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team


this is the pool!

waddle on!

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