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So rh finally lets us all into his private head quaters

u can find the key in the book room at the end of rockhopper’s journal

u can go to the crow nest and his private quaters

there is an awesome game called treasure hunt and it is fun to play

That’s all for now!

Till then stay tuned!


Pirate party and other updates and mission video



Sorry i know i haven’t been updating much but here it is the most recent updates

the pirate party has started here are the items and the pins

I don’t know why i can’t upload that image right now so i will later

Also rockhopper bought lighthouse shirts and i can’t upload pics of ot either

Also there is a new catalog plz check it out

but here is the video for  the mission

Clockwork Repairs!


I solved the new mission..and Herbert and the crab are down to business again those creeps but we can still beat em anyway here is a guide for people who aren’t being able to solve the mission..this is a walkthrough but i will post a video later

Mission Guide
1) You talk to Mr G and learn about the mission then you look into the surveillance camera and see those brats Herbert and the crab stealing the pieces off the clock which makes all the clocks around club penguin go bonkers

2) Then u go to the secret HQ where all the gadgets are kept and u look around for a tube and u put it in ur inventory (Tip: this is near the plant that’s put for research)

3) Then u go to beach and u see a yellow penguin sitting on a throne made out of throne and u talk to him and he will tell you that the yellow puffle can make u anything if you give it a picture then after u finish talking to him you pick up the green bucket

4) Then you go to snowforts and you see two penguins playing with the snow target and then they will challenge you to a game and you have to win it to take the target back from them

5) After you win the game give the tube to them so that they can continue playing

6) You go to town and talk to Rookie the agent and take a poster from him (Read what he says carefully)

7) Then u go to Snow forts and talk to Rory and he will tell you about the broken watch and also take the bucket and collect snow and then u click on the clock

8) You go to the pizza parlor and you collect the music sheet

9) Then you click the piano and you play the piano how it shows on the music sheet then the yellow puffle will be your friend

10) Then u give him the poster and the snow u collected and he will make a gear for you then you put the gear in your inventory.

11) Then u go to the HQ and to the Invention cabinet and click it and the key for it is K E Y and then u take the electromagnet 3000 and put it in your inventory

12) Then u go to iceberg and you will see the spring frozen and floating in the water..u click on it with the magnet then u put it in ur inventory

13) Then u go back to the HQ and go to the gadget room and you first put the frozen spring on the test chamber and pull the red handle then u set up the fire tone and then again you click the red handle and then u remove it and then you put the gear and you let the snowflakes fall

14) Then u go to the clock and fix both the gears to the clock and then u finish the mission

This might not be very clear but when i post a video im sure u won’t have any more problems

    Hope you will be able to solve it!

    The ultimate sneak peek (Igloo and Mission)

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    Hello Penguins!

    Last week I posted a sketch from the upcoming mission. Here is another one. The team is just putting the finishing touches on the new mission! There will be a couple rooms you’ve never seen in a mission before.


    Make sure you’re totally caught up and have completed the past two missions (Secret of the Fur and Questions for a Crab)–these two have to be completed before you can play the new one.


    In other news: I just heard about a NEW igloo design the team is working on! Many of you have suggested it in the past, so I think you’ll have lots of fun with it. The igloo will be released on Friday, April 18. Here’s a small piece of it.

    Looks like cp is planning to bring in a garden for our igloos!! exciting!!!

    This is the igloo sneak peek

    and the mission sneak peek (the annoying bear Herbert is back!)

    and if u want more information about the new igloos then please check out the newspaper at the advertisement sector..its really kwl cant wait!

    Also looks like the clock at snow forts is broken and a pirate party is scheduled for the 25th of April so rockhopper is coming back then!

    Also here are some items that wud be in tomorrows catalog

    and if u want to see the whole catalog



    Till then stay tuned




    Updates later

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    I will be updating later!! write now i cant take pictures but when i can i will upload it! the new play is so cool and its ancient thats the coolest part lol

    don’t forget to check it out..it’s the most wonderful play till now!

    Stay tuned!

    My 10,000 hits party and April walkthrough


    Well today is my 10,000 hits party and i wud love it if u all made it!! please do come its gonna mean a lot to me!!!

    Plz plz come

    Frozen: my igloo at 7:00 am pst plz do come!!

    Thanks im gonna be waiting!!

    Lots of cool stuff gonna happen in april!

    Hello Penguins!
    March was a great month in Club Penguin and we’re not slowing down!  I was able to find out a few of things we’re working on for April that I couldn’t wait to share!

    Here are just a few things to look for:

    • A Brand New Mission!
    • The Return of Rockhopper!
    • Book Room Update!
    • New Igloo!
    • New Room!

    There will be more info on all of these in the coming weeks! I can’t share everything now, so there will be some surprises as well.  As always, let us know what you think!

    Until then… Waddle On!

    – Club Penguin Team

    New Catalog

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    The new catalog is out and its so cool!! this picture has all the hidden items and everything thats in the catalog!