Today i just entered the server frozen and look what i saw!

First i saw Disney An Cp (i heard he was a mod) i asked him but he said he wasn’t allowed to say..i asked him to be frens but he said he had a full list but we cud frens (woohoo) he was nice and cool and later i saw two beta testers..

anyway Disney An Cp accepted my fren request later (double woohoo!)

im not lying..i always take pictures a proof so here yu go!

Good thing i didn’t go school today!

disney.jpg   <<before he was my fren..when i saw him first 😀 and im on that pictures so yu wont say im lying!

finnaly-my-fren.jpg  ➡ finally he is my fren now!

here are the beta testers!

little-wolf.jpg  << she has the beta tester party hat!

sch5.jpg  << he has the beta tester glasses 😀

so thats all i have seen!

see yu next time!