Firstly, the voting for the surprise party has been closed and everybody is saying that western won the poll! (woohoo)

as rumours wud have it people say that the western party wud bring back free gifts such as the bandana wraped around the neck..and a lasso and a bandana, sports party will bring back the green and yellow face paint saying “go green” and ” go yellow” and also blue ice skates! as well as the pirate party will bring the eye patch and shoes (boring 🙄 )

anyway the western and the sport party look good. the pirate party is not so cool..i mean how many times are they gonna bring back the eye patch?

and also if yu didn’t notice i added a new page on ordering coins..its not hacking so i don’t think yu will get banned and also dont order an excessive number because that’s when yu cud get banned..if yu have i guess 100,0000 coins then cp will ban u forever! so please be careful..the page has not been started yet as i have to protect the comments on the page so that nobody wud know ur password!

and also check the pictures and edits page and also the newspaper..

It’s really sad about the number of hits i got and no comments 😦 today i got only 21 hits! please let ppl know about my site..i need visitors..please!

thank you for helping and visiting!

visit more comment more 😀