Club Penguin Toys

Many of you must have seen some penguins with very unique items and I am sure you wonder where they got that from. Club Penguin has been selling toys and each toy comes with a code and you can unlock amazing items with them. With 1 coin you can unlock 2 items! You can unlock items from Treasure Book and it changes with every series of toy.  Here is everything you need to know about CP toys and codes.

Note: Read the Book Codes page to know about Club Penguin Books.

Also by reading the book codes you can unlock the book without actually having the book!

What do the coins unlock?

Toys can unlock favorite items you’ve always wanted in Club Penguin from clothes to accessories, and they can also unlock exclusive items, secret rooms, puffles, and special features and abilities in games.

Books will unlock a unique item and coins you can use in Club Penguin.

If you have a 6.5″ Limited Edition Penguin toy, a 2″ Mix & Match Figure, an Igloo Play Set, or 4″ Pet Puffle, your code will unlock access to The Treasure Book where you can choose from the BIGGEST selection of items that you can use in Club Penguin. It’s a book packed with treasured, long-time favorites, and never-before seen exclusive items.

If you have purchased Club Penguin Trading Cards, you can unlock additional cards and powers that will enhance your game play and put you on the fast path to becoming a ninja.

Where can you get the code?

Codes are found with various Club Penguin toys and books. Look for this icon when you purchase a toy or a book. Then go to Club Penguin to find out what sort of treasure you’ve unlocked. Some toys come with a special coin that has a code on it. Keep this coin safe and use it when you’re ready to unlock your items.

You can keep the items you unlock using a coin and you don’t have to be a member to unlock items.

And this is what the coin code looks like:

And this is the Treasure Book

New Treasure Books are added from time to time. The series that is available now will be accessible for a limited time only! These books are compilations of long-time favorite and treasured items from Club Penguin catalogs, AND all-new, exclusive items.

You can buy the cp toys on the online disney store or you can go to stores and buy the toys

In America:

Toys R Us

Disney Stores

Theme Parks

In United Kingdom:

Toys R Us

What Kind of toys are there?

Here is a list of all the toys that have codes you can use to unlock items online.

  • 2″ Penguin Mix & Match Figures
  • 6.5″ Limited Edition Penguins
  • Club Penguin Books:
    The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
    Stowaway: Adventures at Sea
  • Igloo Play Set
  • 4″ Pet Puffle

And here is an example of an USED coin code

Don’t try to use this code because I am sure it won’t work 😉

This is just to show you what a coin looks like

Example: S1PAQXJLJ

I really hope all this information helped you and now you know everything you need to know!

Buy a toy today if you can ;)!


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  1. supertron26
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 21:05:15

    In uk its dysney stores but NOT toys r’ us. They don’t stock them [near where I live at least]


  2. Dj Cadence
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 04:25:46

    Yo Yo Yo! whats up my peoplez im Dj Kdance and im online right now at sleet room the lounge… Im cooling down!


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