White Puffle?


Its true, the white puffle can be found! Here are some pictures of the white puffle being seen. Go check the mountain and dojo now! And they have also been released!!



Puffle Party Arrived!

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The puffle party is here! There is a free item located at the cove, and rockhopper is on his way! Also, there is a new catalogue, be sure to check these out!



hi i am punk and obviously zilla has told u a lot bout the party already!! my favourite part is when the yellow puffles draws ur picture!

Here is a pic of me 😀


Get ur own too 😀 its at the lighthouse!

Computer Help

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Hey People! Everyone please visit the site below!


Zilla has been working very hard on it and it has a lot of basic stuff you need to know about computers! She is also very eager to solve all your problems related to your computer!! At the moment its under construction but you can still visit it!

Please doo visit it! 


Punk 😀

New Clothing Catalogue + New Pin!

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Go to the stage and click on the costume catalogue in the lower right.

So theres the new clothing catalogue.

Heres how to get the Viking Helmet

1.Page 3 of the catalogue

2.Click on the first dodgeball the penguin is holding.


Also there is a new pin!

Go to the Mine

Now go to the Mine Shaft

And click on the pin!

Club Penguin Languages!

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Ok, as you may know just a few months ago club penguin added the  Portuguese language well Club Penguin have added a new language. this being, FRENCH!

club penguin-French

club penguin-French

Welcome = Bienvenue
Congratulations = Félicitations !
You’re cool = T’es génial !
Have a go!

The Lilly.

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Ok,so the lilly pin is out and can be found at the Lighthouse Beacon!

Jan’09 Snow and Sports

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Heres what it looks like.

People are saying the T-Shirts are plain. Club Penguin calls it “Back To Basics”  What do you think?

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