Fall Fair

The fall fair was extremely cool and if any of you missed it..no worries coz i have all the information about what was there on the fall fair.


When was it?

22nd September- 1st October

Where was it?

On club penguin of course 😀

What items did we get?

A feathered tiara- 1200 tickets

A cotton candy- 600 tickets

A teddy bear background- 400 tickets

A tent pin- 100 tickets

A candy necklace- 700 tickets

A paddle ball- 1500 tickets

And once we bought all the prizes above we got a special gift that was a lollipop which was worth 1000 tickets.

What games where there?

They had carnival games all around CP.

The beach- Memory card game

The dock- Wheel of fortune and Test your strength

The Snow forts- Puffle Paddle

The forest- Puffle shuffle

The cove- Feed-a-puffle

We cud earn tickets by playing these games. the puffle paddle and feed a puffle were games in which we could earn the most number of tickets.

The stalls that were put up were

The Dock- juice stall

The beach- Snow cones

The mountain- Ice cream stall

The snowforts- Iced treats (this was used on a previous party too..but im glad they got it back)

The cove- Popcorn stall (yum yum)

Mine- Burger stall (this was also there in the water party but i like it so its a good thing its back..they do make some yummy burgers here)

Below are pictures of how the rooms looked!

The Town


The disco


The lounge


The Dock


The Snow forts


The pizza parlor


The cove


The forest


The mountain


The ski village


The plaza



The beach


special contests!

Harvesting contest

Pizza eating contest

the tickets

ticket.JPG hudicx.JPG

That was all and now lets wait for the next party!

till then waddle on!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. blue hatrick
    Sep 29, 2007 @ 14:28:35

    nice i love it.


  2. Jimbobson
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 20:34:54

    hmmmmmm yeah


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