Hi Everyone!

This is a very random post but i thought that i should make it because some people here think that they can diss and offend me but this is an answer to them and to really make em see that it does not affect me so why try? I suggest you all stop trying to offend me and trust me you can hate me all you want it doesn’t effect me in anyway because you haters dont mean anything to me!

Here is something which this penguin Beaker 210 who thinks she can just come to my site and can offend me and she actually thinks that she will be able to make me sad or something so this post is for haters like her who think they matter to me but the truth is that i dont give tiny rats ass bout em and this post will help em see it!

Few days back she posted this comment on my site again in her desperate attempt to piss me off and offend me. 

hi punk or shud i say ponksuker (She even spelled the name wrong, its punk not ponk)  lol dnt accuse me coz i didnt make the name up someone else did but i think it suits u lol o im sorry did i offend u lol and just to say i actually like yr website thingy and im not jking its good for u but not good for me and loads of other agree with me but i wnt tell u there names coz u will go around beating them up lol jk but i wnt tell u coz it wud be mean and they r my frends so their tc haha

And incase she doesn’t read the reply i left for her im gonna put it here again and this goes for her and all those ppl who hate me and actually think i care! Guess what, i dont!

WOW beak that was such a nice attempt to offend me!! LOL i can’t believe your still trying even after i have dissed you so many times! You would have quit trying by now if you had some self respect. Oh thanks for the name i really like it! But btw its Punk not Ponk so ye learn to spell 🙂 And all you and your little friends (i know who they are, they are just a bunch of jealous people that like to hide their disappointment in life by hating me) you all can stop trying to offend me cuz really its shitty and all it makes me does is laugh at your stupidity. So heres an advice stop trying to make a fool out of yourself cuz you already are one. Oh and do me a favour, share this advice with all your little so-called friends and tell them that im glad they hate me i wudnt like to have it any other way. And if this all aint enough for you then you can keep writing cuz trust me i can diss you all the time and im sure it offends you! So you can try all you want but the truth is that you dont offend me at all cuz u dont mean shit to me.

Hopefully now all my haters realize that woteva they say doesn’t really bring me down but it just shows how stupid they are. You cant put yourself up by putting me down. Oh and its quite stupid of you beaker 210 to come on my site and leave hate comments for me. Hopefully you will keep this in mind and you will also explain all your other little friends who also think that name PONKSUCKERZ will offend me lol i find it quite funny and immature tbh cuz i know they are only jealous.

Also She is a coward as she put this hate comment on a really old post of mine maybe she was hoping i would not see it cuz she knows if i did then id surely make her shut that dirty little mouth of hers. 

Click here for the post, you can see the comment there 

As you can see the post was made back in September, 2007 which is like a 2 years old post so beak if you think your so tough then why don’t you put such hate comments in place where I and everyone can see it easily. Maybe next time you should try that.

And if you all want this loser to make up a funny (not offending) name for you then write to this idiot (Beaker 210) at this email address: millie.jenna@virginmedia.com

Or you could just let her know how stupid her comment just made her, you know just write to her saying how you feel bout her gay and crappy comments.