i have some good news! i got a mail from club penguin. this is wat they wrote.

Thank you for your concern regarding the bans on penguin “Punk Rockerz.” This penguin has been permanently banned dur repeatedly breaking our site rules. Please see the bans on file for this penguin below:

October 01, 2007 Forever she is mentally challenged, she is retarded, jaba she included u in her hit list, ur included in her hit list (im sorry lailai56..didn’t mean to)
September 04, 2007 72 Hours Third Party Cheating ( 😳 cp trainer sucks!)

August 21, 2007 72 Hours yu bstards (erm no explanation to this)
July 18, 2007 24 Hours All the sh*t that you do (its a song..AVRIL LAVINGE!)
May 07, 2007 24 Hours hey b*tch (this was the first i neva knew i wud be banned for this)
(Please note that the words above have been censored for this email although the actual words were the cause of the recent bans.)

When a penguin is created the user is required to agree to follow our site rules. Please see our rules below:

1) Respect other penguins – Club Penguin does not tolerate any swearing, bullying or mean behavior toward other penguins. Disciplinary action will be taken should any one of these occur while playing.
2) Never reveal your personal information – The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords.
3) No inappropriate talk – References to drugs and alcohol related activities, and sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate talk are not permitted.
4) No Cheating – Any use of third party programs to cheat is not allowed. Players who use any third party programs while playing risk being permanently banned.

If these rules are broken, for the safety of our site, the penguin account will become banned. We have a maximum of four allowable bans before a ‘Forever’ ban is applied to the file.

At this time we are not able to lift the ‘Forever’ ban due to the history of inappropriate behavior by this account. Please feel free to re-access Club Penguin from a different penguin account.

If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know. We would be happy to assist you.


Club Penguin Support

ye i did all those stuff 😳

i asked for a second chance and they said

In order to allow “Punk Rockerz” to re-access Club Penguin the penguin will be placed in Ultimate Safe Chat mode. This will allow the user to participate in Club Penguin activities and play games. This chat mode will allow the user to communicate with others using the ‘pre-recorded comments’ located on the actions bar under the “conversation bubble’ icon.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns regarding this situation. We would be happy to help you.


Club Penguin Support

so hurray atleast i can be on my penguin now..and they are working on it already.