The Halloween party for 2007 has been more of a treat than a trick! to start with there was candy hunting and riddles which would help us find the candys. the riddles sure were tricky! everything has been amazing! its seems like party of the year and it would end on the 1st of november. we still have lots of time to enjoy it while its here. The Big candy bowl in the coffee shop, the pumpkin dance floors, the northern lights at the iceberg, the spooky house in the mine shack, the cove, the pumpkin patch in the dock and all the way to the lighthouse which is showing a movie! namely “Night of the living sled” its a great movie and fun to watch and yes we should be afraid of it giving us nightmares! everything has been wonderful but as much as we wish that it would never end but it has to so we must wait for Halloween party 2008 which is going to get better!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Just so that you wouldn’t miss out anything these were the free items given for Halloween (and there isn’t going to be more..i asked Club penguin!)

pumpkin.jpg  a pumpkin basket which will help yu collect treats when yu go tricking and treating!

scarf.jpg  a scarf to keep yu warm since club penguin has turned into night time

thats it for now!

Waddle on until the next time!