Hello Penguins,

Here is a special offer!

Im gonna give you a rare member account in exchange of a coin code! (any series) If you have series 1 then i would like series 1 please!

This is not a scam and I really have the penguin! Its on safe chat but its still REALLY cool and it has 3 member straps on its badge and its over 800 days old! Since its on safe chat people cannot ban it!

If you want it then please tell me a code and it will be yours!

Don’t post the code just tell me if u agree and ill tell you how to send me the code. (this is for the best as someone else might steal the code.)

You know im not scamming cuz i wudnt scam on my own site!

Also I have a lot of rare penguins OF MY OWN so if you want any just tell me i will send u details but ofcourse you need to trade a coin code with me 🙂

Im only doing this cuz i cant buy a coin code for myself as its not shipped to my country so it wud be great if i could trade a penguin for it!

Thanks a lot!