Hey Everyone!

Today while I was on Iceland I met the penguin band in the backstage!

They are really nice and I asked em to sign my wand! lol

And Petey K even said my name!

Punkrockerz: Nice glasses Petey K

Petey K: Thanks punk

And i even talked to Franky 😀

Punkrockerz: Sign my wand

Franky: Sure dude

Punkrockerz: Im no dude 😦

Franky: ok DUDET haha

Yesss over all it was pretty coool! And i even have some pictures even though I didn’t have time to take a lot..

petey k

This is where Petey K said my name 😀 woooo eeeh


And this is a picture where he signed my wand! It was greaaat! I got this picture from krs’s website! Thanks krs!

Over all it was pretty awesome and yes when you meet PB they also give out a free background so make sure to get it! You can get it by clicking on em and click on the box. Basically the same way you get the background from RH!