Hey again penguins, Supertron26 here!

The igloo catalog is cool, but theres’s only one new hidden item. Its awesome though!… THE LCD Telivision!

Just click on the flames on the bamboo torch!

Hidden LCD Telivision ©Supertron26

Also, theres a new clothing catalog!

The viking helmet is hidden in the piano on page 8…

Hidden viking helmet. Click on the piano. ©Supertron26

Open the red viking helmet, close it, open it again, close it again, then-re open it to get the blue viking helmet! Gadzooks! Thats amazing! lol.

As far as i can see thats the only new hidden item in the catalog [Punk or Zilla, correct me if i’m wrong]

The DJ3K Updates are cool.  The new tracks are: Funky, Jungle, and festival. What’s your favourite?

Also, Members can get their yellow puffles involved! Check this out! It gets you extra game points! And that means extra coins!

The puffle joins you in the Game! ©Supertron26

Cool dancing puffle! ©Supertron26

Whoa, look at that puffle go! ©Supertron26

Awesome! try it out!

Music jam coming soon! Lcant wait! Comment with what you think!

Until next time… Have fun, and waddle on,