Hello Everyone!

Today while I was on my penguin Punk Rockerz, I realized that my penguin finished 2 years on club penguin! My penguin is now 732 days and I just thought I should make a special post on my site! 🙂 I would like to share this with all of you!!


I would show you my inventory but thats a lot of work! But I will tell you some things about my penguin. The first pin was the Ruby pin, I absolutely adore it but I also like the Tulip pin and that was my second pin. And my first item was the whistle, its really cool. I think my first biggest event on club penguin was the opening of the cove! We all had to find a map and then find a way to the forest which then lead to the cove! It was really eventful and they also had a member party which at that time I could not attend as I wasn’t a member!



And then here are the pictures of the member party that was in the forest and cove



And then they made a new game in the cove! The game was called Go Surfing. I remember everyone was excited about the new game and so was I!

The free item was the whistle which I also mentioned before was my first item ever on club penguin!


And my first and favourite party was the Summer Kick Off Party!! I loved it and I got awesome items!

(Note: The picture above is not mine and its been taken from google. It belongs to Punky Face.)

And the water party which was the second party was a smashing hit too!!


It has been a very memorable and eventful journey on club penguin! And I am glad I found this game as I made many amazing friends! Thanks to everyone (:


I hope you all enjoyed reading the post just as much as I enjoyed writing it! It took me down the memory lane lol 🙂