Hello everyone!!

Today (10th April) is the easter egg hunt!! And I’ll tell you where all the eggs are! It was fun looking for the eggs and THE PRIZE IS PINK BUNNY EARS!!! Its an awesome item and its not rare anymore 😛

First Egg

Location: Town on the nightclub (in the lights)

info1png1    Building: night club

1st-eggpng1 Egg is in the light

Second Egg

Location: Cove (in the water)


egg2png Egg in the water

Third Egg

Location: Mine (in the cart- Roll over your mouse near the cart surfer game)

info3png Cavern: Cart

egg3png1 (Roll your mouse over the carts and you will see the egg (sorry i couldn’t take the picture of the egg)

Fourth Egg

Location: Dojo Courtyard (in the lamp)


egg4png Click the lamp for the egg

Fifth Egg

Location: Gift Shop (under the fuzzy hat on the hat stand)

info5png Fuzzy hat is in the gift shop

egg5png Click the hat and you will see the pin

Sixth Egg

Location: Ski Lodge (the place where all the fishes are)


egg6png1 If you roll ur mouse over the box u will see the egg

Seventh Egg

Location: Mountain (on the top of the information signs)



Eight Egg

Location: Beacon (in the light, first you have to click the off button in the switch and then get the egg)


lights-offpng Make sure the lights are off and then you will see the egg


Then now you have all the eggs you can claim the prize which is the pink bunny ears!!