Hello this is the essay i entered for the competition cp was hosting. i didn’t post it before because idea’s could have been stolen 😛


A Puffle in need is a puffle indeed

The day my puffle went on an adventure…sounds strange but yet so true. I won’t brag about my puffle who I call fluffy being an adventurous, strong or a brave puffle. Nor will I say that it’s the cutest puffle around club penguin but one thing I could say was that he was my best friend.


I still very well remember the day I bought fluffy. To my he looked like a yellow fluff ball that really needed a home and a friend…wait but so did I. So I bought it but little did I know that he would be the one to save my life afterward. Fun for me and fluffy was going camping in the forest. We went for camping every weekend so we did the same this time too.


“What a cheerful and bright day” I said looking out of my igloo window. “Perfect for a camp!” So I put on my camping gear, took my fishing rod and wore my favorite pin, which happens to be the ruby, and was all ready to go for a camp. Fluffy was thrilled and he took his gear and was ready to go. We went across the town to the snow forts, past the plaza and into the forest. We pinned up our tents near the rock and lit a fire. We sang and danced around the fire. Then we were exhausted so we went to sleep right away. The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes shortly was that I was in a huge pit, which was there because of the construction going on for the new stage. So I knew I had been sleep walking again.


I was frightened and I felt stupid and thought that I should have been more cautious. “Help me!” I cried. But no one could hear me because it was 4:00am in the morning. So I spent the rest of the night there hoping that somebody would find me. Fluffy on the other hand found me missing and looked all around for me, everywhere but the pit. He painted pictures of me and asked everyone if they saw me but they only said “No, Sorry I haven’t seen her”. Days passed and I was still stuck in the pit I was hungry, thirsty and not to forget muddy. “Groan” I mumbled. I had no hope left.


One day I woke up and saw a familiar yellow ball of fluff jumping on the top of the pit. I instantly recognized that it was fluffy and trust me I haven’t ever been so happy. “Woo hoo!” I shouted! Fluffy threw a rope at me and pulled me out. I went to my puffle picked him up and gave him a tight hug and said him that “Look’s like someone just had a little adventure”. Fluffy knew what I was talking about, as it was a real challenge for him to search for me. And I knew no matter what fluffy would always be there when I need him.

The End

P.S Anyone who will criticise my essay i would love to see you try writing one.