Hello Penguins!

Last week I posted a sketch from the upcoming mission. Here is another one. The team is just putting the finishing touches on the new mission! There will be a couple rooms you’ve never seen in a mission before.


Make sure you’re totally caught up and have completed the past two missions (Secret of the Fur and Questions for a Crab)–these two have to be completed before you can play the new one.


In other news: I just heard about a NEW igloo design the team is working on! Many of you have suggested it in the past, so I think you’ll have lots of fun with it. The igloo will be released on Friday, April 18. Here’s a small piece of it.

Looks like cp is planning to bring in a garden for our igloos!! exciting!!!

This is the igloo sneak peek

and the mission sneak peek (the annoying bear Herbert is back!)

and if u want more information about the new igloos then please check out the newspaper at the advertisement sector..its really kwl cant wait!

Also looks like the clock at snow forts is broken and a pirate party is scheduled for the 25th of April so rockhopper is coming back then!

Also here are some items that wud be in tomorrows catalog

and if u want to see the whole catalog



Till then stay tuned