Well the mission is out and i have solved it!! first time all by myself without anybodies help!!!

i made a video its really blurry but its enuff to understand wot to do..

i will also write down the steps:

1) Talk to MrG

2) The crab will escape but u gotta follow it!

3) it will go to the mountain go behind it

4) u will loose ur map when u have a great fall (just follow the crab) it will take u to the cave

5) but u cant enter as the door is too small so u find the bag of puffle O’s and cut it with the scissors (in ur spy phone) pick up the puffle O’s and put it in ur inventory.

6) you find the black puffle (right where you found the puffles in the G’s Test mission) u feed the puffle with Puffle O’s and it will follow u

7) You go near the cave and put a Puffle O thru the small door (watch the vid u understand more) and the puffle will go and unlock the door for u

8) when u get in there wud be A POLAR BEAR! he will explain to u how he got dere and wot he wants and then he will trap u in a cage!

9) when u go around u see a wheel like thing and u place the puffle O’s as sone in the vid

Here is a pic too!


10) then u will be released from the cage!

11) Collect the stuff as shown in the vid

Ok u will need these stuff

The rope

The hook

mix them together to make a grappling hook


Hot pizza Sauce and Blue prints


u mix the Hot sauce and O-berries together to get


12) u also pick the hot sauce so u mix the hot sauce with the puffle o and when u open the door u feed it to ur puffle so that the snow can be cleared!

13) u combine the items together and make a hook and find a mountain and then u throw it on that mountain.

14) u go up and u reach the mountain and then to the ski village then u go to ski lodge and into ice fishing there is the polar bear and u see that he is saying that he is hungry and remember he is vegeterian!

15) then u go to the pizza parlor but u cant use the map since u dont have the map!

16) when u go to the pizza parlor talk to the penguin and tell him that u want sea weed pizza

17) take pizza and go to the ski lodge and into the ice fishing game again and give it to the bear

18) the bear will be busy eating so u fiddle with the machine

19) the machine starts to work and swished the crab and the bear and throws them in the water

20) then G comes along and u hand him the blue plan u picked up from the Cave and then he gets a call from the bear saying that he will come back maybe for mission 7

21) u finish the mission and receive the medal and the blue prints and ur all done!

22) Plz watch the video its blurry but u can see wots going on!

Stuff u must have in ur inventory to finish the misson

  • Sac of O-Berries
  • The puffle should be following u
  • Hot pizza sauce
  • Seaweed Pizza
  • Hook
  • Rope
  • and make it a grappling hook
  • Blue prints

Plz watch the video it will really help!!

i hope this helped!