Happy birthday Club Penguin!


Free item

A party hat (yellow and orange)


New book launch


Dedication :mrgreen:


About the book

its a book about club penguin and its journey through years. a book which must be read and yu can catch up with all yu have missed in these two years.

here are some previews





Many many happy returns of the day to Club penguin!

if you people are wondering why did cp extend the party here is why..i wrote them a mail bout this

Dear Penguin, 

Thank you for taking the time to contact Club Penguin with your question. 

The Anniversary Party was extended a day to allow all penguins the chance to pick up the free item while enjoying all the birthday fun. This will not always happen however so be sure to enjoy the party festivities while they last.  

If you have any further comments or concerns be sure to waddle by and drop us a line. Our moderators are always here to help and do enjoy answering all your e-mails. 

Waddle on,
club penguin